MIND Product Innovation Roadshow - Cosmoprof July 9-11, 2017

MIND Product Innovation is anchored on a single point of view – “wonder out loud”. Those three words are actually monogrammed in our workroom. It fuels the collaborative power needed to successfully launch products in today’s evolving marketplace.

From new formula concepts to formula improvements, we analyze consumer trends, the hair care market, understand your brand and goals and then align product development recommendations to meet your objectives. Behind the scenes, we are working closely with our R&D Team on the technical aspects of your product to ensure your product performs as specified.

MIND Product Innovation Workshops

The beauty industry is flooded with trend insights, if you are in PD, you catch up on what’s hot any time on any given day. However, success doesn’t come from knowing what is trending. Success comes from acting on what you’ve learned. Translating trends into beauty juice is what we do. It is not only our expertise, it is our passion. MIND schedules Product Innovation Workshops with brands that are looking to capitalize on trends in the market. During our Product Innovation Workshops, our teams will collaborate on the following topics to determine the scope of your project, including:

  • Translating Trends Into Market Opportunities
  • Brand/Product Goals Established
  • Brand Storylines, Packaging & Design Concepts
  • Touch, Smell and Experience Formulation Samples
  • Product Line-up/Hero Product
  • Desired Product Attributes

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MIND Discovery Sample Kits

Are you so excited that you can’t wait until the discovery meeting to experience MIND products? Well, it’s your lucky day, we provide first touch Product Discovery Sample Kits that feature product formulations and capabilities in the hottest, trending categories. Currently, there are 4 Discovery Sample Kit themes to choose from – Grooming, Color Management, Stylers & General Hair Care.

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